Spencer Simkin

I am an Albertan through and through, I was born in Red Deer, Alberta and put up for adoption. My two loving parents adopted me three months after I was born and I was transferred to Airdrie Alberta where I grew up and went to school. My father is the musical one in my family and I get my passion for music from him and my grandmother. My mother is how I got my drive and determination you really do learn from example.

I am now a fifth year Digital Audio Arts student at the University of Lethbridge as well as a full time coach for LASC swim team. I have been involved with sports for most of my life as well as having a deep passion for music and recording. I decided to take my passion and make a career out of it. I am the type of person who is never happy learning from just one person I constantly love to learn and grow as producer.

Coming from my athletic background I always believe that everyone from coaches to fellow athletes and teammates have something they can teach you. Growing and evolving in my career is something that is important to me and my style of work. I am always interested to work with anyone or any genre out there although my specialties really lie in classical, metal and rock music. If anything interests you or you have any questions for me please contact me anytime and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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