Current Projects


The Use of Music Synchronicity in Competitive Swimming: Currently researching the use of music synchronicity in the training of competitive swimmers. More info provided here.

Past Projects


Live at CKXU: Edited and mixed for the Live at CKXU 2017 CD.

  • Credits: Shooting Guns: Mixed and edited by Spencer Simkin

The University Of Lethbridge Jazz Ensemble: A large ensemble recording of the University of Lethbridge Jazz Ensemble feature the very special guest Juno Nominated Jazz trumpet player Al Muirhead.

  • Credits: Spencer Simkin: Producer, Engineer & Co-Mastering Engineer, So Shinohara: Co-Producer, Mastering Engineer

– Nick Sullivan and Bente Hanson: Solo bass trombone (Nick Sullivan) accompanied by piano (Bente Hansen). Both are faculty members at the University of Lethbridge and this project was for Nicks research of the bass trombone. This was a collaborative effort among several students.

Maelion Live at CKXU: Local technical prog-metal band performing live at CKXU 88.3. Creating a live rendition of there debut EP.

  • Credits: Tyler Justinen-Teite: Producer, Spencer Simkin: Co-Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer

– Jazz Trio: Three piece local group consisting of Brandon Chernow (Trumpet/Cornet), Kevin Jackson (Trombone), Daniel John (Piano).

  • Credits: Spencer Simkin: Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Dan Sequeira: Co-Producer

Jazz Duo: Side project of Kevin Jackson (Trombone) and Daniel John (Piano).

  • Credits: Spencer Simkin: Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Viola: Nick Van der Sloot is a very accomplished Viola player and athlete at the University of Lethbridge. I had the pleasure to work with him on a quick recording of a single song we titled simply Viola. This was a final project for an Audio Production class that plays around with the use of stereo space. Here is a link to the recording. 

  • Credits: Nick Van der Sloot: Viola,  Spencer Simkin: Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Live Sound:

– Molestronaut,With Gorgon Arms, Tripwire, Snake Pit, Nail Gun, Mortality Rate: Attainable Records HQ Hardcore show on November 26th 2015.

Maelion Live at CKXU: For Funddrive 2016 live from studio 1 March 20th 2016


Global Metal: Current host of weekly metal show on CKXU showcasing metal from around the world but with a large focus on Canadian metal.


Global Metal Podcast: Taking the live broadcast of Global Metal and making it into a podcast form for my website. Currently looking to expand into more sites (Itunes, Soundcloud, etc)

  • Credits: Spencer Simkin: Host, Producer, Engineer, Audio Editor

Assistant Work:

Global Drums 2015 Winter concert: Several songs recorded for archival purposes.

  • Credits: Jake Hill: Producer, Engineer, Spencer Simkin: Co-Engineer, Amber Reiter: Co-Engineer, Gabriel Cabrera-Lopez: Co-Engineer

University of Lethbridge Wind Ensemble 2015: Winter concert recording for achival and final project for grad student.


24 Hour Film Festival: Music Director, Film is currently lost and unable to find copy.

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